We Are No Longer Twenty Years Old and Invincible

Ah youth. The time when you throw caution to the winds because you know you will always come out on top. Nobody can convince us differently.

In our twenties and early thirties we almost feel like we are invincible. We are filled with energy and often find ourselves bragging to our friends or coworkers about how we can thrive off only four or five hours of sleep. The older we get however, the more we are forced to realized that we are not as invincible as we once thought we were.

Everyone who is of a certain age can attest to the fact that more sleep is required to have the energy to get through the day without sagging in the afternoon. Now we are sleeping seven or eight hours every night and don’t feel it’s enough. If we have kids around the house, those little buggers are driving us nuts with their energy. This, of course, can occur in our thirties depending on the energy levels of our little darlings. Here begins nostalgia for the days of our youthful twenties.

Many people in their early twenties, though, fail to recognize the affect all of their choices will make later in life. They drink and smoke as if it had no affect on their bodies. Some, we’ve even heard say, that they don’t want to live for the next fifty years if they can’t drink and smoke. Once they reach the age of fifty however, most people who did drink and smoke their whole adult lives wish they had never picked up a cigarette or taken that first drink.

No matter what a twenty-something thinks, the truth is no one is invincible at any age. What we put into our bodies every living day does have consequences down the road. Some who are twenty years old now given a 30 year habit of smoking two packs a day will find these consequences in lung cancer. The heavy drinkers will find theirs in liver, pancreas or esophageal cancer.

Unfortunately, the bad habits we start early on in our life, before we have really had a chance to gain any wisdom, often carry on through the majority of our lives. We’ve heard it said before that habits are easy to make, but hard to break.

Fortunately for us, our youthful bad habits can lead to cancer as we get older, but we don’t have to die. Scientists around the globe have been hard at work for years to find a cure for cancer. Cancer patients have more weapons against the disease now than ever before, giving many a youthful reveler a second chance. Certainly scientists and physicians cannot guarantee a cancer patient a cure as there are a lot of unknowns regarding the disease still, but there is a fighting chance and hope for future treatments and maybe even a cure for the dreaded disease.

Profound advancements have been made in medicine allowing many to beat cancer, which does not mean that we can cease taking care of our bodies. Medical breakthroughs are not a license to binge drink and smoke Marlboros to our hearts content. As adults, the responsibly is even heavier to encourage the younger generation to make wise decisions as they are clueless as to where those choices will lead them down the road.

So next time you get a chance to talk to your children or other teenagers in your life, try to pass along your wisdom. Who knows, that may be the one time they are actually listening!

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