NP Cancer Testing

Nasopharyngeal cancer is one of the rarest kinds of cancer which occurs in the region of head and neck. Nasopharyngeal initiates in the upper region of patient’s throat just after the nose area. This region is biologically known as nasopharynx. Nasopharynx acts as a roof over your mouth and as a base for your skull. According to statistics; only seven out of a million people become victims to nasopharyngeal cancer in the region of North America. Usually, the sufferers include males who are aged below fifty five and they consume salt rich diet including meats and fish.

However, nasopharyngeal also affects people who have family history in the disease or if they are somehow genetically bridged or if a person makes contact with a patient with EBV. Other reasons that contribute towards nasopharyngeal cancer include smoking, consumption of high doses of alcohol or working in wooden dust area or chemical factory. NP cancer testing is a kind of diagnosis for early detection of nasopharyngeal cancer. Statistics endorse that over ninety nine percent of NP screening tests give true results.

NP screen and Genetic brush biopsy are really simple tests to reach an ultimate decision regarding patient’s suffering. NP screening is targeted for early detection of nasopharyngeal cancer. However, most of the cases or over eighty percent of the cases are diagnosed in last stages. This is the time when patients suffer more even because of treatment. NP screening is a simple testing that includes three stages. The first stage includes brushing, second stage is shipping and the third stage reveals results.

Why NP cancer testing is recommended? There is simple answer to this question as your health is preferred over anything else. It helps in early detection of cancer; it is accurate, simple, non-invasive and genetic. The early detection and diagnosis of nasopharyngeal cancer helps in early treatment to improve the survival rate. Early detection is helpful in increasing the survival rate from forty percent to ninety percent. It is a big paradigm shift that is expected to happen with NP screening. Moreover, it is one of the most viable methods of treatment joined with modern genetic equipment, and development in examination whileutilizing an inventive, trans-oral brush procedure for straight sampling.

Before introduction of NPCtesting; it wasn’t easy to diagnose this disease. However, the introduction of this new technology has helped in bridging the gap on non-invasiveness and accuracy which wasn’t possible with old conventional procedures including biopsy, endoscopy, serology and others.

NP screening isn’t much expensive if compared to conventional cancer testing technologies. It is easily available in United States of America as well as Canada for just three hundred dollars. However, the prices in Hong Kong and other regions vary. You don’t need a referral from a physician and you can go for NP cancer testing if you have doubts about it. You just need to call the NP screening center and book your appointment for the process. It just takes a minute to book an appointment.

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