Use Wicking Sleepwear For Relief From Excessive Night Sweating

Night sweats, for which there are many causes, are a bigger problem for women than they are for men. Menopause is the biggest cause of these bouts of drenching perspiration, and it affects two-thirds of the female population. Home remedies include wearing wicking sleepwear, using fans to cool the room’s temperature, and examining the sufferer’s diet and medicine intake.

Night sweats are also known as hot flashes and they prevent people from getting a good night’s sleep. However, when children sweat profusely it is usually a fever, which sometimes signals the flu or an infection. Prompt attention to finding the cause of increased sweating is important, because the body is over-compensating for something that needs correcting.

If extreme sweating causes an interruption in sleep, finding the cause is the first step. Visiting a doctor is a good way to find out what health problems are triggering the excessive perspiration. Additionally, a doctor can prescribe medications when necessary, or change a current prescription that is the root cause.

Aside from menopause, other reasons for profuse sweating are infections, hypoglycemia, hormone irregularities and nerve disorders. Lymphoma, a type of cancer, and the AIDS virus often produce night sweats as well. It may also be a condition called idiopathic hyperhidrosis, which has no known medical cause and is linked to the body’s over-production of sweat.

Bedding that wicks away sweat through sheets and pillowcases works well for anyone who suffers from excessive sweating while sleeping. In addition, wicking sleepwear helps by allowing perspiration to flow through the material where it readily dissipates in the air, leaving skin and bedding dry. Otherwise, regular bedding and night-clothes often become soaked with sweat, which interrupts sound sleep.

Most fabrics that help moisture, such as sweat, evaporate quickly are made from all-cotton or a cotton-poly blend. Special weaving gives superior moisture drawing power that does not wash away, even after the fabric has been machine washed and dried. Furthermore, athletes prefer apparel made from these cotton blends because it prevents skin irritations from their considerable sweating.

Anyone who suffers from fibromyalgia may experience fluctuating body temperatures. First, the person is too hot, then too cold, all within minutes and with no change of room air temperature. Regulating the body’s temperature seems impossible, and it makes for a miserable night’s sleep. Some relief is possible through massage, acupuncture and other alternative treatments. However, little is truly known about the causes, prognosis and symptoms of fibromyalgia because it affects each person differently.

Chief among the culprits behind extreme night sweats and hot flashes is menopause. This is part of the normal aging process for women and usually begins during midlife. Medically known as vasomotor instability, these hot flashes are more annoying than they are dangerous if the only cause is menopause. Satisfactory relief may come from sleeping with moisture wicking fabrics and keeping a supply of cool drinking water nearby.

In summary, it is of primary importance to find the reason for night sweating if it is causing soaked sheets and disturbing a person’s sleep. This is because it may signal a life-threatening disease. Additionally, a good night’s sleep is crucial to staying healthy and living life to the fullest, and there may be a simple solution to counteract body temperature swings.

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