High Class Orchiopexy Treatment in India

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What Is It?

Orchidopexy or orchiopexy surgery that to be treated under scene testicles in scrotum. It is usually performed on infants and children between ages 6 months to 1 ½ years old. Usually a specialist like a paediatric urologist or other child specialist performs this type of surgery. While older children or teens may have this surgery, it is not common. However, if an undescended testicle is present in older children or adults it is often removed because it can increase the risk for testicular cancer.

The Operation

To accomplish the task, a doctor will create a small incision or a couple of incisions in the scrotum or groin, or in some cases in the abdomen so the surgeon can reach the testicle and then lower it into the scrotum. Some surgeons can perform this treatment using a less invasive technique known as laparoscopy if the undescended testicle is located in the abdomen or another convenient location.

General anesthesia is necessary for an orchidopexy surgery whether the surgeon makes a traditional incision or uses laparoscopy. More often than not the testicles are repaired in one operation, however there may be times when the testicles need to be removed and then reattached and re-implanted into the body.

Before The Operation

Before the procedure the doctor may recommend the patient abstain from food for 12 hours before surgery to prevent complications from anesthesia. Patients may also receive radiograph imaging to confirm the diagnosis. The doctor may mark the testicle to be operated on so the healthy testicle is not affected.

After The Operation

Many people can have the surgery performed on an outpatient basis though so will stay in the hospital for one day or thereabouts. Following surgery the patient should avoid contact games that can injure the genitals and surrounding area. Most will have a follow up exam within three months following surgery.

Possible Complications

Some complications can arise from orchiopexy surgery. It is nearly always successful if the testicles are located just above the scrotum and usually successful if the testicles are ascended in the inguinal canal. It is just under 75 per cent effective for boys with testicles located in the stomach or abdomen.

Some risks associated with orchiopexy may include:

* An increased risk of infection following surgery.
* Risk for excessive bleeding and blood clots especially in the scrotum.
* Damage to the tissues surrounding the scrotum affecting blood supply to the testicle.This may cause the testicle to shrink.

General Advice

For most people an orchidopexy surgery in India is a safe procedure that will help a patient look and feel better. Usually the surgery involves moving the testicle into a proper position. The orchioplexy may involve reattaching the blood vessels and tissue to the testicle if a transplant occurs.

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