Top gun survival school for distributor sales people by dave kahle

Can you afford to let your competition out-gun you?

This is the training opportunity that could make the difference. A full-day seminar that is rich in practical solutions for today´s challenges.

Below is a partial listing of what you´ll learn during this fact-filled, action-packed day.

1-Day Only… Limited Enrollment!

Chicago, IL ~ September 19

Hartford, CT ~ September 30

Toledo, OH ~ October 7

Kansas City, KS ~ October 14
Dallas, TX ~ October 17

Minneapolis, MN ~ October 28

Los Angeles, CA ~ November 4

Portland – Seattle, MD ~ November 7

Baltimore, MD ~ November 11

Orlando, FL ~ November 14

Learn to survive the struggle and succeed in a changing marketplace. Your salespeople will be….

  • Challenged to see their jobs as professions.
  • Equipped with the key best practices of effective distributor salespeople.
  • Inspired, educated and motivated.
  • Refreshed, reinvigorated and recommitted.

How to gain the advantage over your competition…

  • The two most powerful weapons for time management.
  • Identifying the best business practices, and building them into you your daily routines.
  • Knowing the six competencies that a top gun organization needs to succeed.
  • Understanding and applying time management that really works.

Learn the secrets of survival during turbulent times…

  • You´ll learn how to master the art of relationship building, including how to accurately evaluate an account relationship, and nine strategies for deepening a relationship and improving it to your advantage.
  • Plus, two of Dave’s most valuable secrets…
    • One surefire tactic for multiplying your effectiveness.
    • The two top gun rules for closing a sale. These, and many more will be explained in detail at this once-in-a-lifetime strategy session designed to benefit both management and staff.

How to get the firepower you need to succeed under pressure…

  • The weapons revealed in this section include: sure fire closing techniques, procedures for penetrating difficult accounts and strategies for protecting accounts that may be vulnerable to competition.
  • Top gun sales mastery includes the ability to ask the right questions at the right time. This key weapon will be explained and demonstrated in depth as part of Dave’s practical approach to the survival of your business.

Learning the tactics that will put you on top…

  • The five strategies for getting business from difficult accounts.
  • The four ways to protect your good accounts from the competition.
  • Dave will reveal the ten afterburner power tactics you can use to get on top and stay there for the rest of your career.

Andyou can gain even more strategic insight from the exclusive managers implementation luncheon with Dave… just $50 additional. Seating is limited, so sign up now.(luncheon is for managers only)

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