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Promoting in a social networking minefield…

By Juliette Keyte @ 2:04 pm

Social networking

It’s hard to imagine a world without a social networking site involved. Many a conversation regarding nightlife involve ‘Have you seen … event on…’ or ‘Have you put the photos online from last night?’, it’s even got to the stage where social network names are given out rather than phone numbers as a chat up line. And they say romance is dead.

When you look back, it is only within the last decade, or more specifically six years that social networking has taken over our lives. A phone call doesn’t cut it anymore; you have to be tagged, poked, invited, or more annoyingly asked to help someone with their imaginary farm.

What started off as one or two networking sites (I’ll come to the history in a bit), has now turned into a monster of more than 170 sites (if Wikipedia is to be believed), these range from the popular kids of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, to the slightly more ‘alternative’ such as or, a knitting and crochet site, with a surprisingly high 330,000 members. There are also the more specific: (1.25 million members), blackplanet (20 million) and (100,000).
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3D gigs: pipe-dream or promotional possibility?

By Ray Boggiano @ 11:46 am

Square Payment System

You may well have been caught up in the furore surrounding Jack Dorsey’s latest innovation or simply be wondering what all the fuss is about. Since co-founder Jim McKeveley reportedly lost a now-relatively unprofitable client for his glass art back in February of this year, along with Tristan O’Tierney and the aforementioned co-founder of Twitter, he set about revolutionising the point-of-sale industry. I mean no disrespect for the glass arts when I say relatively unprofitable, it is just that their resultant innovation, Square, is worth a reported $40million even before its much anticipated release. This comes after Silicon Valley investors and angels clamoured over the prospect of investing in the exciting new project.

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