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I’m a mother, stepmother, girlfriend and a full time chef who helps run a successful  meal delivery service in Salt Lake City. I’m a busy girl and I’m passionate about every single thing that I do. One of the things that I have always enjoyed is the hunt for fabulous things… But come on, what girl doesn’t right?

Finding an unbelievable bargain, discovering an up and coming designer or stumbling upon the best mascara EVER is and has always given me that warm and fuzzy fleeing… How can anyone NOT feel warm and fuzzy when they find a $495 current season Alice and Olivia dress for $50???

With all that said I don’t really have as much time or the budget to shop for myself the way I used to when I was self employed and had a more substantial income… The most exciting thing that has recently happened to me was discovering the amazing world of subscription boxes.

Most of them are reasonably priced and great values when you add up everything that you receive.  There are dozens and dozens of companies that currently offer them. You can find them with Fashion, Home goods, Beauty, Sex, Jewelry, Food and anything else that you can imagine.  This blog will have reviews of my current subscriptions as well as a list with links and coupon codes to many others. I have high standards and will not link to boxes that I feel are low quality. I have figured out that some companies are untrustworthy and I do not want to get caught up in anything dramatic as a result of me referring someone to their site so they will be excluded as well.

Please enjoy this blog 

Any and all suggestions are always welcome 


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