☞ woody’s chicago style menus



All food packages
include 3 hours of serving time plus setup, teardown and cleanup. Food
packages include an assortment of individually packaged chips, chilled
soft drinks, ice cold bottled water and sandwiches made the way YOU
like them. You can also customize your party with ala-carte items. Minimum of 50 people per party, 50 service fee (includes, cart setup, professionally trained server for 3 hours, tear down and cleanup). All contracts require a 50% deposit, refundable for cancellations made 48 hours prior to booking date.


Style Dog 
-$ 4.95
We’re famous for 100% pure Vienna Beef
Hot Dogs built “Chicago-Style” includes
Mustard, relish, onions, sport peppers,
Pickle spears, tomatoes and celery salt-your choice!
A quarter pound 100% pure Vienna  Beef

Polish sausage.

$ 5.95
Bavarian Style Brats 100% pure beef.
$ 6.95
Seasoned Italian Beef served hot in natural beef broth.
Sandwiches are served on a fresh Italian roll with hot
Giardiniera if you dare!
Fontanini Meatballs in marinara sauce served on fresh
Italian roll.
All you can eat: Hot Dogs, Polish Sausage, Brats, chips,
Assorted chilled sodas and ice cold bottled water.
(Pick two out of three) Add .00 per person for all three.
All you can eat: Italian Beef and Meatball sandwiches,
Chips, assorted chilled sodas and ice cold bottled water.




Wabanakiak | category archives: tacticals

Indians usually loaded from powder horns, or used loose powder from shot pouches. Today, for safety reasons, we have to use paper cartridges stored in loading blocks. It’s not hard to make a white pine or basswood block to fit inside a hunting pouch. Rogers required his men carry at least 60 rounds so it is safe to assume Indian defenders also carried at least 60 rounds. I can fit about 45 rounds, in blocks, in my 10″ x 12″ pouch. These re-enactor paper cartridges are smaller than actual historic musket cartridges. Its a good idea to use this standard size (1/2″), so everyone’s blocks fit properly in case you have to re-distribute cartridges during a demonstration or tactical.


12″ x 18″ Cold Press Newsprint paper
2f or 3f Black Powder -the real thing
½” dowel for the inner form, use a drill or countersink to put a small concavity in one end of the dowel
Optional: A marble to burnish the concave end of the cartridge
Optional: paper cutter to rip paper
Powder Measure / little funnel

Folding the 12″x18″ Paper:

Fold paper in thirds lengthwise
Fold paper in half and rip
Fold paper in half again
Fold at angle and cut the diagonal with scissors making the triangles (cutting makes tucking easy, ripping the diagonal makes tucking harder)

Rolling the Cartridges:

Roll the cartridge, the long end should be to your left and the concavity should also be left along the long edge of the paper triangle
Allow about 1/3 inch of paper on the left to hang over the dowel
Pinch the extra paper up into the dowel concavity, burnish on marble. This crimp keeps it from unwinding
Experiment till you get the right ratio of crimp, too much paper causes the cartridge to unwind, too little and the powder falls out

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What i will remember after a hurricane


What I will remember after a hurricane

Posted by
admin 18 December, 2009

I know nature can be cruel but for me it should be called a non-natural disaster. “Act of God” is also a strange phrase to me. Probably we have to say it’s somebody’s fault when life plays tricks on us. But this time we should greatly thank him for these days here in Oregon.
All the Northwest can hear the chain saws which remind us of a great disaster. It is funny that such tragedies make our everyday lives so sweet. Those of us living with an illness and pain every day have to make more effort to find that happiness. When you are finding it difficult to wake up every day, such a non-natural disaster may depress you even more. I am writing this blog to share my life, my illness and my experiences with all of you. I must say that even though I am very tired, I don’t have time to complain as I’m busy thanking God for saving us and our house. Others weren’t so lucky and I can see the Red Cross in town, the National Guard, neighbors clearing their places of living and insurers estimating the damages from all over the USA. The governor has been here and we’ve been officially declared. It is very sad that there is too much wood now on the market and much of these nice but dead trees may be wasted.
The reality has shown its brutality and living through such disasters is even more difficult for those that have health problems during peaceful times. I don’t want to say any wise words, just to remind you about a few things. You just cope the best you can, one task at a time. I don’t think that complaining or getting angry makes bad things better and I don’t like doing it either. I just kept saying to myself “We will be fine. It will be over soon.” It was.
There are some things I observed which may be useful for many of us already struggling through lives:
1. You have to accept that you will be less strong and have less energy than usual. Don’t expect too much of yourself doing too many things waiting for a better day. It will finally be over. Take your vitamins as usual. Plan to have some extra rest and go out to get fresh air. It’s okay because you need it. Your adrenaline will be higher especially when you are on corticosteroid drugs such as prednisone.
2. If you have a rheumatoid disease, or some other long-lasting illness, your body probably can’t control the temperature too well. I know I have been too sensitive to high and low temperature for many years now. I don’t know if my part of the brain is working well enough or if it’s from years of low dose of medicines, or if it’s my blood circulation: it just is. I love my long silk underwear and I would say that everybody should wear them as a first layer of warmth. It is good to have few layers of clothes on you, especially those cotton ones. Also, if your feet are warm, then you are warm.  Wear two pairs of wool socks and stay dry.
3. When the weather forecast is a bit worrying, check if you have enough medications. Make sure you have a working flashlight by the bed. We always keep all of our flashlights, radio, extra batteries, candles, lighter and a small DVD in one place.
4. Check if you have a lot of bottled water, canned food and a can opener. Now I know that canned food isn’t very good to eat after six days, however, you may try to keep some things outside when it is cooler. If you have a barbecue or something else to cook meat, eat only the food that is partly frozen so you’ll know it’s safe. Eat and drink everything you can before it goes bad.
5. Never start fire at house or bring any heating elements such as generators home. Put candles in glass containers which will hold the hot wax if you fall asleep.
6. Have in mind how you usually react to stress and try to be ready. I, for example, have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and the whole stress went down and caused bowel problems the whole time. Actually, I’m still trying to get better. I agree with the ancient people who thought that our emotion had its home in the gut, not the heart.
7. Remember you don’t face such bad things on your own. Check if your neighbors, friends and family are okay. We could only phone people who live close to us and got all the information from our great radio stations. One of our DJ’s had his roof collapsed but he was still working at the station even though he had personal problems.
8. Do not hesitate to ask for help. We learned that people can give you a helpful hand even in the middle of the storm. One of such situations was when our local radio station expressed some problems with their generator over the air. Within 7 minutes the National Guard came in to help.
As for me and my family and house, we’re still trying to get over it. I’m still very tired and must do fewer things now. My son-in-law has pain in his arm because he’s been sawing in their backyard for too long. My grandchildren still have bad colds, we’re shopping for food to fill in the refrigerator and slowly, more slowly than we would like, our lives will get back to normal.

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Life with Chronic Pain Blog
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Can you afford to let your competition out-gun you?

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The tell-tale vegan | tales of a geeky vegan thrifter.

I’m a Buffy addict, and that’s an understatement. When I realized I could take my old, and somewhat beat up, flats and turn them into Buffy heaven, I just knew I had to do it! It’s a cheap way of taking the old and make it new, as well as making it personal. And isn’t that the best, to take things and tailor them to your interests? It no longer becomes something that anyone can buy off of the shelf. Plus when you put effort into something it makes you feel 10x better about using it!

For starters, here is what you will need to get rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ (click on the photo to get a close up): Continue reading »

When perusing grocery store aisles you will likely find it difficult to find salad dressing which is oil free. I know I did! There are some out there but they are few and far between. It’s a bummer, if you ask me. Thinking about it though, it doesn’t make sense to pour oil laden dressing over your salad. You are essentially pouring fat over your beautiful healthy veggies. Yuck! Right?

The great news is, Continue reading »

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This lemon-lime hair spray is so easy and it works! I made this a while back and it never let me down. I have curly hair, so the urge to keep the frizz to a minimum is high. One quick note though, lemon also works as a lightener. I have not noticed my hair lighten in color when using it. However, I learned that it can, especially if you spray your hair and then go hang out in the sun for a while. If you want to lighten your hair then you would just follow this recipe and even increase the number of lemons, then make the sun your friend. But again, I wasn’t going for lightening my hair, just keeping that frizz down. So I reduced the number of lemons used. Here is what I did. Continue reading »

This recipe comes straight from The Engine 2 Diet and, in it, it is called, “Healthy Homemade Hummus.” Healthy, it sure is. It’s also easy to make and makes a great breakfast, along with some veggies and a side of fruit!

But first, a quick note…

You may be wondering why all of the recipes I post come from cookbooks or websites? The answer to that question actually addresses the very purpose of my blog, Continue reading »

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I have seen these suckers for sale on Etsy and always thought they were a really neat idea. I’m big on taking the old or unused and making it new! What a better way than to take old magazines and make them into something that will be used.

Supplies needed: Continue reading »

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 The night before I made an eggplant/mashed potato/tomato sauce recipe from a new cookbook. Oh boy, it was TERRIBLE! As we know, when we try recipes we are going to come across those that just fall short or make us cringe at the thought of eating them. Here is one lesson I learned about that, half new recipes. Don’t make the full recipe. Half all of the ingredients. You are trying it for the first time. That way if it doesn’t work out then you will have fewer leftovers that you have to force yourself to eat, so as not to be wasteful.

Needless to say, my husband was hesitant about my trying another recipe, a couple of nights later. Yet after eating these baked burritos he said, “these are 10 times better than that other recipe.” He devoured his burrito. These are so yummy, healthy and easy! Continue reading »

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Pinterest is the place to be when it comes to showing off thrifting skills and displaying beautiful DIY (do it yourself) projects. I find it to be a place that inspires and encourages creativity, taking the old and making it new. But do you ever wonder where these “thrifters” get their low budget or free items? Do they have a special skill, power, network that gets them free things? Do they have more access to free things?

The answer, or what I have found to be the answer, is that it’s very simple. It’s the “thrifter’s eye.” Continue reading »

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I’ll admit it, I am picky about tofu. I have had tofu served in ways that wowed me and also in ways that made me down right nauceous. This recipe, though, is an absolute win! Both the tofu scramble and the tvp sausage crumbles are from recipes on vegweb. I just tweaked them so that they’re oil free. Continue reading »

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I looooove this bean dip; I mean, really love it! I got the recipe from The Chef and The Dietitian; I’ll link their video below. The great part about The Chef and the Dietitian is that they follow Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. Campbell’s plan. Meaning, their recipes are vegan, low fat, no salt, no added oil and no added sugar. They make my life easy! Plus their are so much fun to watch!Speaking of easy, this recipe is sooo easy to make. Continue reading »

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  • Baked Burrito…Yum!
  • Refried Beans: Homemade vs Store Bought

If you know me, I’m not big on drinking a lot of smoothies and juices. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. T. Colin Campbell (from Forks Over Knives and authors of fantastic books, might I add) make very clear that smoothies and juices are incredibly high in sugar. In addition, the fruits and vegetables are stripped of their vital nutrients. Another reason they are not big on smoothies/juices is because it takes the work out of eating. When we chew we break down the enzymes and antioxidants in a natural way. Throwing them in a blender takes that from us.Continue reading »

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Technology « soma soapbox

Promoting in a social networking minefield…

By Juliette Keyte @ 2:04 pm

Social networking

It’s hard to imagine a world without a social networking site involved. Many a conversation regarding nightlife involve ‘Have you seen … event on…’ or ‘Have you put the photos online from last night?’, it’s even got to the stage where social network names are given out rather than phone numbers as a chat up line. And they say romance is dead.

When you look back, it is only within the last decade, or more specifically six years that social networking has taken over our lives. A phone call doesn’t cut it anymore; you have to be tagged, poked, invited, or more annoyingly asked to help someone with their imaginary farm.

What started off as one or two networking sites (I’ll come to the history in a bit), has now turned into a monster of more than 170 sites (if Wikipedia is to be believed), these range from the popular kids of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, to the slightly more ‘alternative’ such as vampirefreaks.com or ravelry.com, a knitting and crochet site, with a surprisingly high 330,000 members. There are also the more specific: cafemom.com (1.25 million members), blackplanet (20 million) and gays.com (100,000).
Read More

3D gigs: pipe-dream or promotional possibility?

By Ray Boggiano @ 11:46 am

Square Payment System

You may well have been caught up in the furore surrounding Jack Dorsey’s latest innovation or simply be wondering what all the fuss is about. Since co-founder Jim McKeveley reportedly lost a now-relatively unprofitable client for his glass art back in February of this year, along with Tristan O’Tierney and the aforementioned co-founder of Twitter, he set about revolutionising the point-of-sale industry. I mean no disrespect for the glass arts when I say relatively unprofitable, it is just that their resultant innovation, Square, is worth a reported $40million even before its much anticipated release. This comes after Silicon Valley investors and angels clamoured over the prospect of investing in the exciting new project.

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I’m a mother, stepmother, girlfriend and a full time chef who helps run a successful  meal delivery service in Salt Lake City. I’m a busy girl and I’m passionate about every single thing that I do. One of the things that I have always enjoyed is the hunt for fabulous things… But come on, what girl doesn’t right?

Finding an unbelievable bargain, discovering an up and coming designer or stumbling upon the best mascara EVER is and has always given me that warm and fuzzy fleeing… How can anyone NOT feel warm and fuzzy when they find a $495 current season Alice and Olivia dress for $50???

With all that said I don’t really have as much time or the budget to shop for myself the way I used to when I was self employed and had a more substantial income… The most exciting thing that has recently happened to me was discovering the amazing world of subscription boxes.

Most of them are reasonably priced and great values when you add up everything that you receive.  There are dozens and dozens of companies that currently offer them. You can find them with Fashion, Home goods, Beauty, Sex, Jewelry, Food and anything else that you can imagine.  This blog will have reviews of my current subscriptions as well as a list with links and coupon codes to many others. I have high standards and will not link to boxes that I feel are low quality. I have figured out that some companies are untrustworthy and I do not want to get caught up in anything dramatic as a result of me referring someone to their site so they will be excluded as well.

Please enjoy this blog 

Any and all suggestions are always welcome 


Protein tips | somanabolic muscle maximizer review

If you have already bought your somanabolic muscle maximizer course and nutrition software and getting started with your weight training right away, you should know about different types of proteins and protein powders available to you. You need proteins and just the right amounts and types in order to help your muscles rebuild after training and grow during the day.

Sports Protein and Weight Gainer Protein:

This protein powders are also reffered to as Whey Protein Concentrate and sports protein as I already mentioned. This types of protein are taken by those who are struggling to put on any weight and also taken pre workout for energy and extra protein to help you get through your workout.

You can check out some Weight Gainer Protein Powders Here…

Whey Protein Isolate

This protein usually does not contain any carbs or flavorings, it is protein powder in it’s purest form and taken immediately post workout to give your muscles an immediate fast release hit of protein to help your muscles grow and recover straight after your workout.

The muscle is much more likely to absorb protein when it is strained and worked hard, the blood would be rushing to your muscles and carrying the right proteins with it from your protein isolate shake.

If you have not yet checked out the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, you should read our full somanabolic muscle maximizer review and learn more about this muscle building nutrition software, it will boost your progress dramatically.

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