The simplistic voip revolution – it’s time to join up

Chances are this will not be the first time you have read an article preaching to you about a so-called ‘revolution’ for the business world. In fact, there’s a good chance you’re coming across things like this every single day and giving them less real thought than you would your choice of breakfast cereals. And you’d be right to do so, as in the overwhelming majority of instances these apparent revolutions for business are worth less than the virtual paper they’re printed.

They all want to save you money, they all want to optimise your business and they all want to see your productivity go through the roof – and how many actually come through on their claims? Usually in the region of about zilch…it’s very rare that one really delivers on its word.

That’s precisely what makes VoIP such an interesting subject to come across as it falls right into that extremely sparsely populated category of genuine business revolutions. Not since the internet itself came about and email became the standard form of office communication has something crept out of the woodwork that could offer such a big difference to so many.

What’s it All About?

To sum up what the VoIP revolution is all about, technically it’s no more than a system that uses your internet connections to make and receive calls as opposed to your bog-standard phone lines. This doesn’t sound particularly impressive or even interesting on the surface, but when you start to get a handle on what this switch actually means for your business, it’s considerably more compelling.

It should come as no surprise that upgrading to a digital system means a massive improvement to overall quality. Moving from legacy phones to VoIP is a bit like moving from VHS to Blu-Ray – it’s not until you experience the latter that you realise what you were putting up with before. And as for migrating back – no chance.

Next, because these digital phones can be linked seamlessly with standard PCs via simple software packages, it also comes as little to no surprise to learnt that the features they offer are abundant and ease of use is total. Think of it a little like a well-known program like Skype for example that’s actually connected to a standard telephone, which means that you can use the computer and a high-end Plantronics headset to make an receive calls, or pick up the blower and do it manually as you always have. It’s the best of all worlds on one package and that’s before you consider the biggest bonus of all – the price.

Once it’s all up and running, the savings can be phenomenal. Again, going back to the Skype comparison it is pretty much the same deal – think of how much you know you can save talking to a single person for an hour on the web, then multiply this by every single phone call made in the office every single day. Over the course of a month, year or longer, you can end up making the kind of savings that augment the cost of setting it all up in the first place several times over – guaranteed savings and better service from day-one.

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