27 Sep

About Preventive Health and Wellness Screening Events

HealthYES! provides health and wellness screenings
focused on indentifying underlying vascular disease and osteoporosis
through the use of mobile health
teams. We come to your community and hold events at churches, companies, fitness
centers, community centers, and schools to name a few. Our goal is prevent
vascular disease and osteoporosis by identifying those individuals with abnormal
results allowing them to get the proper treatment necessary.

About Our Teams

HealthYES! employs skilled medical technicians who have completed the
formal training necessary to perform ultrasound studies in a clinical
environment and have completed rotations in hospitals or other clinical
practices. Many of our technicians have decades of experience. We hire
those that believe in our cause and enjoy educating our patients along
the way. Don’t be surprised to see them do all of this with a smile!

Once your screening is complete, your results will be sent to board
certified physicians for review. Our interpreting physicians include
radiologists, and vascular specialists trained at identifying underlying

About Our Technology

HealthYES! utilizes FDA approved state of the art Color Doppler Ultrasound,
the same technology to look at the fetus of a pregnant woman. This
technology is non-invasive, non-radioactive, and currently the best
tool available for vascular and bone density screening. Color Doppler
Ultrasound can be found in almost all hospitals and cardiology practices.
In addition, HealthYES! has invested in a new state of the art software
system that allows us to measure the age of your arteries (Arterial
Stiffness Index). This FDA approved technology has shown in studies
to correlate with Heart Disease and is rapidly being adopted by
hospitals and other clinical practices.

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