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Meet Norm, our featured client!  Learn about his story here.

Question 1 – How long have you been working out?

I had been pretty active physically into my mid 20’s. Then I got caught
up in my job and career and slowly but surely I began to put on weight.
At 6′ 2″, my body weight should have been in the 180-190 lbs. range, my
college weight. But after years of neglecting my physical fitness, and
over eating, I ballooned to 237 lbs. At a birthday party for my daughter,
someone took a photo of me sitting on a couch. When I saw the photo, I
was shocked, I actually looked like a fat Buddha. I finally realized I
had lost control and needed to reverse my eating habits, and to get back
into some kind of exercise regime or my health was going to suffer. A friend
suggested running. That was the beginning. I also realized that running
was not sufficient by itself, that I also needed to control my diet. I
knew I couldn’t do it on my own, so I chose to join Weight Watchers. Within
16 weeks, I lost 60 lbs., and got down to 180 lbs. Weight Watchers taught
me the importance of portion control and good nutrition. When I turned
50, another friend who was a physical education teacher and a trainer introduced
me to weight training. I’ve been with it ever since, 30 years now.

Question 2 – What motivates you?

My career and my family is what motivates me. I want to enjoy my retirement
with my wife of almost 50 years for as long as possible, and I want to
be around to enjoy my grandchildren and watch them grow up, and to share
the important moments in their lives like graduation, marriage and their
own children. I also had a very long (57 years) and rewarding career in
book publishing, and in the last 25 years (I retired when I was 79), I
specialized in publishing books on health, nutrition,fitness and altnernative
medicine. The books I published and the authors I worked with taught me
a lot about health and wellness, and I try to practice what I’ve learned
over all of those years.

Question 3 – What is your favorite exercise?

I don’t really have a favorite exercise, I just enjoy doing my total exercise
regimen, and I love doing it at the Laguna Health Club. I joined when my
wife and I first came to Laguna Beach 12 years ago, and I love the people
who belong to Laguna Health – they are warm and friendly and it’s a very
congenial atmosphere that makes the whole workout experience fun.

Question 4 – What advice would you give to others who aspire to work out?

I know, for many people, working out is a chore and not much fun. But,
I can tell you from my own experience that the benefits of regular workouts
far exceed any discomfort you may experience. Over the last 8 years, I’ve
had a stroke, seven different surgical procedures including my back, one
of my knees, a hip replacement, both carotid arteries, and cataract surgery
on both eyes. I had no after effects from the stroke, and recovered faster
from these procedures, according to my doctors, than the average person
who does not exercise. So, at 80, I’m looking forward to the next couple
of decades of good health. Working out has worked for me, and I know it
will for you too!!!

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