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Increase in life span, protection from major cause of deaths, “, improved memory and a healthy body – these are the benefits that you can experience through a”. Here, you reduce your calorie intake to 20 to 40 percent than what is typical or recommended. But still, your body will be able to obtain a complete enhancement of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Cutting calories wisely will not end in malnutrition.

Even if it is a restricted eating plan and has not yet fully proven that it increases life span, professional recommends calorie restriction ” to patients who are in the danger of developing diseases that result from aging like cancer and heart problems. Calorie restriction diet does not necessarily mean that you’ll eat lesser food or deprive yourself to eat. What is does is to lessen your calorie intake by eating foods which have lesser calories. There is no restriction on the type of food you’ll eat but on the calories it gives that’s why it is called calorie restriction diet and not food restriction diet. Added to that, you can be able to eat more food than you think as long as it has lesser calories than the typical calorie intake. But here’s a trap, when you are feeling hungry after you ate hours ago, drink water instead. But if you can’t help it, count the calories and eat. When going on a market to buy groceries, always check the calorie content of the products you buy plus the ” that it gives. We have a lot of products that are high in calories but give only a small amount of the essential nutrients that we need. That is also a thing that calorie restriction diet teaches.

Counting calories you take is really a good thing. It will benefit you a lot when you know how to count it properly. Please be informed that improper caloric ” can result in malnutrition or even, death. You have to first understand how your body works with calories. You must have a good understanding of ” itself, and have for medical guide and supervision before you go into practicing this diet.

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